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Obesity and it’s Yogic and Naturopathic Cure.

Posted by Anshu Gupta on February 10, 2008

Obesity is defined as increased body weight as per height and age.


  • excessive eating
  • lack of physical exercise
  • metabolic disorders like hypothyroidism
  • intake of steroids


  • feeling lazy
  • obese body
  • unsymmetrical body
  • panting with little physical exercise
  • excessive sweating


1. firstly…..gradually reduce food consumption, then fast for a few days(5-6)-during nothing but have only lemon-honey juice 3-4 times in a day, then after that for a few days(3-4)live on uncooked food, later get back to normal diet(better would be to have a satvik diet-that is a vegetarian diet)
2. when you get back to your normal diet, include chapatti with chaff, boiled vegetables,and butter milk(without the butter) in your diet
3. in the morning on an empty stomach drink luke warm lime water
4. chew food to make it as fine as liquid in the mouth
5. ghee , sweets,roasted and fried foods must be kept away
6. must urinate after eating meals(develop the habit over time)

7. at night take triphala

8. daily take one glass of water with basil juice

9. water from an orange bottle processed in the sun-rays should be taken

10. in the morning walk breathing deeply and for two minutes laugh loudly

11. avoid spices

12. have a low calorie diet

13. avoid all sweet fruits and all high calorie fruits like – mangoes,bananas and cheeku

14. in naturopathy treatments do the following-

  • enema
  • body massage
  • steam bath
  • wet sheet pack
  • cold hip bath
  • abdominal pack
  • full body mud pack.abdominal mud pack
  • hot and cold fomentation on the stomach
  • shankh prakshalan
  • sun bathing
  • hot foot bath
  • dry friction of the body
  • tub bath be taken with hot saline water
these various treatments can be taken at either any health center or any naturopathic center, just go on the net and search for a place near your house and in your city..

In yoga, do the following asanas-

  • pashimottanasana
  • suptpavanmuktasana
  • bhujangasana
  • vajrasana
  • surya namaskar
  • shalabhasana
  • uddiyan bandha
  • moolbandha
  • surya mudra
  • surya bhedna
  • brahmari
  • bhastrika
  • kapal bhati

these yoga asanas have to be done under the guidance of a yoga teacher…


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