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Posted by Anshu Gupta on February 12, 2008

The right kind of frame can add to your overall personality and make you all the more attractive. Today, spectacles have become an extremely important fashion accessory. In fact in this day and age, I have heard of women without a number wearing spectacles just so that they can enhance a certain feature. The same goes for coloured contact lenses.

You may ask your optician for advise regarding the style and colour of your frame to match the shape of your face. He will be the perfect person to tell you what is in fashion. But make sure that you get a perfect fit.
Nevertheless, here are a few guidelines: 

1. The bridge of your frame must fit correctly on the top of your nose.
2. In case your nose is short or stubby, the bridge should be light in colour and set high on the nose.
3. Use a bridge frame of a medium tone and position it low on a long nose.
4. For eyes that are close-set, the bridge of the frames should be colourless.
5. As a deciding factor for the line of the frame, always follow the shape of your eyebrows.
6. Shallow frames generally suit short or small faces.
7. A deeper frame would go well with a long face.
8. A frame with heavy corners goes well on a square face.
9. If you are one of the lucky few with an oval face, you can choose just about any shape.
10. The sides of the frame should be just the correct length to fit well, but they should not block your side view or be too broad for the face. 

You must also make sure that the frame you choose goes well with your hairstyle. So in case you have a thick fringe it is more advisable to wear contact lenses if possible, because any kind of spectacles would look awful. Do not forget to keep your eyebrows neat and clean. If you wear spectacles, eye make-up should be applied carefully because if you are shortsighted, your eyes tend to look smaller. And conversely if you are longsighted your eyes may look unnaturally big through the frames. 

So the next time you go off to buy glasses, keep these tips in mind!


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