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Posted by Anshu Gupta on February 12, 2008

Be kind to your nails 

A diet rich in calcium would assure strong and healthy nails. But if your nails are basically soft, buy any good nail strengthener that is available in the market and apply it on your nails. But do take care of the cuticles while doing so, as we do not want them to harden too. 

The cuticles protect the nails and require attention too. Do not damage them by pushing them back constantly. If at all they are in bad shape, gently apply oil or a good cuticle cream to heal the rough edges. 

It would be a good idea to keep your nails fairly short to avoid breakage or any other sort of damage. Be especially careful when trying to open tin cans or bottle tops, as your nails are obviously quite delicate and meant for better things. 

Ridged or flaky nails may be the result of washing your hands in hard water or the use of a particular detergent. It would be a good idea to use a cream polish remover in such cases or better still, give your nails a breather and do not apply polish for awhile.  

A ready reckoner for a manicure 

1. Never ever use metal implements for a manicure.
2. Start by removing the old varnish with a good nail polish remover.
3. Take an emery board and use the rough surface to shape the nails. But do it gently and carefully so as not to file down the sides too steeply. Use the other side to smoothen out the ragged edges. Always remember to hold the emery board at a slight angle to the surface of the nail to prevent flaking and file in one direction only � from each side to the centre.
4. Now put your fingertips in a soapy solution and scrub gently. But do not soak them. Make sure that you dry them thoroughly after they feel smooth. Also be careful not to damage fingernails when wet.
5. It is now time to use a cuticle cream or lotion which should be applied gently around the cuticle. You can do this with the help of an ear bud or a cotton wool tipped orange stick. Apply the cream gently, as this is the most delicate portion of the nail.
6. Now clean the nails once again with a good nail polish remover.
7. Then apply a base coat and give it time to dry completely.
8. Next you can apply a good varnish of your choice. To do this, take out the brush from the nail polish bottle and make an outline of a half-moon on your nail. Then spread the colour in deft broad strokes from the beginning of the half-moon to the tip of the nail. Use the same method for all the nails. Remember that practice will make you perfect.
9. Remove a thin hairline of colour with the help of your thumbnail, from the edges to prevent chipping.
10. After the polish is completely dry, you can apply a topcoat for added gloss and protection.
11. Lastly, use a good hand cream or a hand and body lotion to massage your hands right from the tips of your fingers to your wrists, as you would smooth on a pair of gloves. Wipe off any excess cream.
12. Enjoy your brand new pair of hands.


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