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Sinus and it’s Yoga Cure.

Posted by Anshu Gupta on February 12, 2008

Today Sinus is the most common disorder .The state in which the mucous membranes of the paranasal sinuses get inflamed due to an allergic reaction or infection is called sinusitis. sometimes one even has a sinus headache.  Sometimes the pain becomes very severe and is accompanied by irritation in the eyes. There is excessive sneezing, watering of the nose and blockage of one or both the nostrils, heaviness of the head. sometimes  one has to struggle for every breath.There is constant sneezing and congestion .

The following yoga asanas cure sinus… when you train yourself or take yoga classes you can ask your yoga teacher to make you do these asanas-

  • surya namaskar
  • pavanmukta asana
  • utthanpada asanasimha asana
  • bhujang asana
  • dhanura asana
  • matsya asana
  • shava asana
  • kapal bhati pranayama
  • nadi shodan pranayam
  • suryabhedi pranayama
  • bhastrika pranayama
  • jal neti , junjal kriya
    one can even do meditation or yognidra…..
Ii would reccomend that you should do yoga only under the guidance of a teacher…and i do promise you a good result on the practice of theses asanas….hence..anybody who suffers from any such ailment…and has been suffering from it since years…..and popping in pills is not helping..please take yoga surely works miracles!

One Response to “Sinus and it’s Yoga Cure.”

  1. Ishara Perera said

    Pls send me some details about ways to overcome poly cystic ovarian disease through meditation

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