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Tips for Computer Professionals

Posted by Anshu Gupta on February 12, 2008

Health Tips for Computer Professionals (or those working in forward bending posture e.g. Architects) :-
They are exposed to:
Physical Stress:
  • Spine is especially adversely affected more so neck (cervical) lower back (lumber) leading to pain in neck, shoulder, arms-initially.

It is muscular in nature, later on discs between vertebra may get damaged leading to acute pain radiating to shoulder and arms. If lumber spine is involved it leads to low backache and pain radiating to legs.

  • Eye-strain ā€“ eye pain, change of refractive error.

Emotional Stress- Job or family tension.
Tension gets held up in neck and shoulder so they are advised:

  • Neck-exercises – Forward (with caution), side-ward, right and left, backward
  • Shoulder rotation
  • Correct posture – keeps spine straight while sitting, standing, or lying so that the flow of Pranic energy in (Sushmna Nadi)is free and unobstructed leading to regular flow of energy to the whole body.
  • Palming of eyes – Rub palms of both hands and apply on eyes it gives rest and relaxation to eyes.
  • Deep Relaxation – (Yoga-Nidra) They release emotional stress and calm the mind.
  • Deep Breathing – (Pranayama) They release emotional stress and calm the mind.

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