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Asana Demo with Image Animation

Posted by Anshu Gupta on April 18, 2008

yoga Limbs or Shoulder Stand Posture (Sarvanga-Asana),    Ardh Matsyendra Asan,   Ardha-Sarvangasana,    Asmran Shakti Vikashak,    Balasan,    Bandha-Padmasana,    Bhadra-Asana ,   Bhujangasana ,   Bhu-Naman Asana ,   Big Toe Posture (Padangusth-Asana) ,   Camel Posture (Ushtra-Asana (1) &Amp; (2)) ,   Chakra-Asana (Standing),    Cow Face Posture (Gomukhasana) ,   Dhanur-Asana (Halasana),    Garbhasana, View Demo


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